Sunday, September 06, 2009

We bought our tickets!

We leave on November 24th and come back on Jan 4th. We got our tickets for a MASSIVE bargain 951 dollars a piece.

I am so excited this will be my first time going back to the states since I moved here 2 years ago. So much has changed, The economy has crumbled and we have a new president in office. I am so excited about our new president. We will be going to Washington dc and hopefully we will be able to get a tour of the white house. =D

I can't wait to see all my family and friends that I've left behind.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

2 years in Australia

It's amazing how fast time actually goes. Sometimes when you just sit around and your bored you look at a clock and an hour can feel like 5 hours. Well I'm just shocked at how 2 years has just gone by so quickly.

Well a lot has happen this year.

First I just want to mention how much I feel at home here. I have stopped dwelling on the states and the things that I've left behind and immersed myself into the Australian culture. Heaps of people have even commented on how I am sounding more Australian every day. I'm not trying to forget or leave my America behind. I'm just facing the fact that Australia is my home now. I will be here living here forever unless the United States comes up with some better form of health care. The amount of surgeries Nathan has on a regular basis. There is no way that we can afford to live in the United States.

A year of my life in pictures.

Bondi Beach

I voted Obama

I reached my 10% at weight watchers
The kill house (Halloween)

Huntsman spiderMy mom and my niece Kyra came for Christmas.

Swimming in the backyard on Christmas dayNathan had a conference in the Blue Mountains.

Our anniversary gift to each other was a Kitten.

He really has made our lives better.
I don't really know what else to say, I'm happy here. I love it here. I also think the best decision I made since moving here was going back to school. It gave me that opportunity to meet Australians and immerse myself into the culture and lifestyle.

I have not yet been back to the States yet. However we are planning a trip in December and January.

You can read about my 1st year in Australia here

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our news broadcast

One of our assignments was to create a news broadcast about anything of our choice. We did the filming, acting, and the editing.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Girl named SuperMindy

This was one of my class assignments. We had to make a 15 second animation about ourselves.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hydroponic food factory

My amazing, talented, brilliant husband made us a Hydroponic garden in our backyard. He worked so hard on this I am just beyond words to explain how proud I am of him.

We are growing Celery, Strawberries, and Lettuce.

You can check it out here. Oh and while you are there checking it out. why don't you create an account and vote for him.
Come on it only takes like a minute to create an account. I promise you they don't spam your email with anything.

If he wins this contest he wins this laser cutter.

It's really cool, you can engrave your ipods, create wooden sculptures. Here see for yourself, check out what this thing can do.

This is one of our favorite examples.

So PLEASE go here and vote for Nathan, PLEASE

Thursday, April 09, 2009

I'm back

I think that I just kinda got bored of blogging. I've obviously never been that great at writing. So I kinda let this blog go a bit astray.

I'm not going to make any promises to get this back in motion but I do hope that one day I start to post again on a regular basis.

So just to update somethings...

It is now school holidays. The end of the term. I have 1 term left until I finish this year at TAFE. Which will mean that I will have a certificate 4 in Digital Media. I then plan on moving onto the Digital Media Diploma course, that will be 2 years long.

I really really love this course. You probably already know that though.

Recently I finished revamping my website, it has a brand new look. I also created a website called Mindy's Australian Adventures. Both pages started out as a class project. I have a web design class which I love. Our first project was to create a web page with our resume and portfolio on it. I took that and ran with it to recreate Our second project which was to take something of interest to ourselves and make a web page about it. I choose Sydney, and since I have so many pictures of different places I've seen and done in this city. I thought why not turn it all into a website.

To all those Sims fans who might be out there and disappointed my Sims houses are gone. I do apologise for that however I am also making an entire new Sims website. Especially with the Sims 3 coming out soon, I thought i probably should make an entire new site for that.

Weight Watchers has been a bit of an up and down struggle. Since my web design class is on Thursday, I have to miss my Thursday weight watchers meeting. I hate that I have to miss that meeting. I really feel comfortable there. I have tried other meetings but I don't like the leaders or the people. They aren't the supportive loving people I met on day one of starting weight watchers.

I was able to go to my Thursday meeting today (school holidays)though. It was fantastic from the moment of walking into that meeting I was told how wonderful I look, how much I've been missed. I was so encouraged and given so much support there. I walked out feeling absolutely fantastic about myself. I have not had that at any other meeting I've been to over the last 2 months.

By the way weight watchers updates
Feb 25 - Loss of 2.1 (4.6lbs)
March 4 - Gain of .6 (1.3lbs)
April 3 - Gain of .6 (1.3lbs)
April 9 - Loss of .3 (.6lbs)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Movie Poster

This is a movie poster I made for class