Saturday, May 24, 2008


I must say I've never been a huge fan of facebook. I enjoyed it before all the stupid application things starting coming out but recently I've hated it and only kept it to keep in touch with family. Only Nathans family too mind you. My friends and family all use myspace.

Well yesterday I was on myspace looking through a list of people I went to high school with. I thought to myself if i could find people I went to high school with what is stopping me from searching for my best friend from elementary school. I went to elementary school in Gulfport Mississippi. I moved away just before 6th grade. So I was looking through different schools on myspace but got nowhere so I switched over to facebook. On facebook you can search by a persons first and last name. Now unless she got married and changed her last name I might have a chance of finding her.

Well of course I found her or else I wouldn't be making this blog entry. I found her on facebook. She did get married but still apparently uses her last name. I sent her a message and she replied back. She too was thinking about me that day and was going to search for me on facebook. How ironic!

I can't wait to catch up.. I mean geeze it's been like 14 years.

I am sooooo freaking in love with facebook right now. I can't believe how fantastic this is.

This would be a great time to post a photo from our child hood however when you can only pack what would fit into suitcases to move to another world you can't really bring all your child hood memories with you.

3 <3 me:

Tors said...

I love Myspace and Facebook - if only because I've been able to track down people I haven't seen in YEARS via those sites. It's great!

Wish I'd brought more pictures too. :(

SuperMindy said...

It's amazing the people you can find from your past on these sites.

floridagirlinsydney said...

I love facebook and myspace too-- and I wasn't that crazy about facebook until I got used to it.. now I think it's so much better than myspace.

I started a group for alumni from the 80's of my sleepaway camp-- and 2 mos. later almost 300 people joined-- so crazy!