Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Left out

Well I knew this would happen eventually, Being left out of a major discussion only because I live in Australia.

My niece is going to be 1 in a few days. That's great I'm very excited. Sad though that I'm missing her first birthday and that this child probably has no clue as to who I am except that I'm a voice on the phone.

I have to eventually come to terms with the fact I'm the aunt my nieces and nephews will never know. I'll be the one who lives millions of miles away and only sees them every other year or so. They'll know my voice on the phone but they will never know me.

This hurts.. a lot

What hurts more is that my sister and her husband are doing the paperwork to decide who gets Kyra in the event of something happening to both of them. I know the chances of this actually happening is slim. However it hurts me so much that they have completely left me out of the conversation. Strictly because I live in Australia.

Instead they have chosen 2 people from my sisters husbands side of the family. If anything were to happen to My sister and her husband. There would be no question that the person to raise my niece would be someone from my brother in laws side of the family.

I have no issue with his family. They're great as far as I'm concerned. However the mere thought of not being included in such an important thing has left me feeling very sad.

I completely understand were they are coming from too. I live here I have chosen to give up my life in the United States to start a life with my husband in Australia. I can't expect them to want Kyra to be raised here in the event of something happening to them. It would be very difficult for either family to see the child since she would be living in Australia. So I get it. I really do. It just doesn't make it feel any easier though.

Lets just hope nothing happens to both my sister and her husband.

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Anonymous said...

Melyssa and I are conflicted about this too, but obviously in the other direction. What happens to our son? And what happens when we have another born to Melyssa?

Neither of our families would give up the fight easily, and we clearly wouldn't want them separated... but our legal rights to choose one or the other are SEVERELY limited. If not impossible.

Hell, we have to worry about it if something happens to just ONE of us. Fucking sucks, I understand.