Monday, May 26, 2008

new toys

Nathan and I were big spenders this weekend.

Just as we moved out of Nathans parents house and into our own place our washing machine crapped out on us. So we still had to still bring our laundry to the mother in laws. So we chatted and chatted some more and finally decided that we really need to buy a washing machine.

We did our research went to all the shops around and found the machine we wanted. Went online and researched some more read reviews and everything. Hey if you're going to make a purchases this big you have to know what your spending your money on right?

Well we decided on the Samsung washer/dryer combo. This baby can wash your clothes and dry them in the same machine!!! Saves you tons of time. The selling point for me was this thing they call an air wash function. It steam washes your clothes and then air drys them. Saving you water and electricity. 4 star water rating and 4 star electricity rating.
Not to mention it looks great. Oh and it came with a year supply of laundry soap. What more could you ask for? By the way. If your in Australia I recommended going to the good guys for everything. They are always so good to Nathan and I.

Our next big purchase this weekend was the Wii Fit. Nathan and I have loved our Wii from the moment we got this baby (Thank you miggy)! Well the Wii fit is just as freaking great. It measures your BMI, checks your weight for you and keeps you into shape with balance test fitness tests and all sorts of wonderful goodies. The types of games you can play is skiing, hula hoop, soccer, tight rope and more. It also has yoga, jogging, step aerobics. It's fucking brilliant. Well worth the money spent on it.

3 <3 me:

Tors said...

Yup, I second the recommendation on the Good Guys - that's where we got our washing machine too. :)

A lot of people are raving about WiiFit. I should check it out.

(btw, are you still with WW? Or did you chuck that when you moved out of your ILs' place? :-) )

SuperMindy said...

Nope still doing the weight watchers thing. Even though i feel it was forced onto me. I really am enjoying it now. I've lost a total of 40 pounds since moving to Australia

floridagirlinsydney said...

I wish we had bought a Samsung- I love their stuff... my hubby bought a Miele before I arrived here, and it is terrible-- and the dryer is even worse!
So have you been using the WiiFit? I joined Fitness First, then stopped going.. and I REALLY need to. I have a Wii-- Do you think it would be too hard to use if you are really out of shape?