Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Picture Show is playing at Star city casino in Sydney, I've wanted to go to it since I first heard about it coming. I love the show I have the movie and the sound track I've even been to a couple showings of it back in the states. My friend Kevin does an amazing karaoke performance of sweet transvestite.

I am in love with the rocky horror picture show. Of course not as much as I am in love with my amazing husband who just purchased tickets for the show for our 1 year anniversary!!!!!!

Yes that's right my friends I will be attending a showing of the Rocky Horror Show at Star city casino on Wednesday August 6th at 7pm (Yes I'm aware that our anniversary is actually the 5th of August however there is not showing that day).

Oh I am very very excited!

3 <3 me:

melyssa. said...

Oh my god I am so jealous.

I fucking LOVE that movie! One of my favourites.

I want to go so badly but the tickets are just... phwoar! Astronomically expensive!

I heart your husband for getting a fan tickets!

Should be bee-rilliant!


Tors said...

Awesome! What a great anniversary present. Have fun! :))

Audra said...

I just saw this last night. Heaps of fun! What a body on that Rocky!! Ooof. Enjoy.