Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Art or not?

What do you think? It was very unintentional. Last week I got my creativity back but only for a moment. I started painting something that I've been meaning to work on for awhile now. Well then the creativity lost me and I stopped working on the painting. However with the intention of going back to painting after I finished lunch I never cleaned up my paints. I just left them sitting on my art desk.

Well yesterday I went into the Guest room/ art studio to check out a few things. (Where I'm going to put a bed in their for when my aunt comes in less than a month)

When I noticed I forgot to clean up my paints. I picked up the palette and noticed the paint was completely dry and the brushes were stuck to them. So instead of throwing it all away. I decided to hang it on the wall and call it art.

Is it art? or is it completely crap and I should throw it away?

3 <3 me:

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't buy it, but I dig it. :)

Tors said...

If someone can make a painting of the Virgin Mary with a piece of poo and call it art, then I reckon yours qualifies too. ;)

(I also reckon it probably smells better)

floridagirlinsydney said...

It's totally art. If you like it and feel like seeing it cause it makes you happy, then it's officially art.

A few years ago I took some old dresses of my grandmother's (she's not with us anymore) and I hung them on pretty hooks in my bedroom all over the walls.

I know my husband hated them, and people who saw them just looked confused. But I liked them- and figured since I was the person to spend the most time there-- I wanted the dresses on the walls. I'll have to see if I can dig out a picture.