Monday, June 16, 2008

Crock pot classics

Now I should start by saying I am a wannabe cook. I always read food magazines, food blogs, and buy cook books in hopes of making a beautiful dish. However I am so lazy when it actually comes to the cooking part. Sure I cook dinner every night for Nathan and I however it's nothing too special. We always have the regulars fajitas, tacos, steak, chicken, lamb, and mince (Australian for hamburger meat). I never do anything terribly exciting with them. We always have the normal potatoes, carrots, and corn.

I must mention my husband is extremely picky (I am picky but only when it comes to eating meat pies, sausages, and peas blah) He doesn't eat pasta, rice, 90% of vegetables, and lots of other delicious dishes. So dinner is always a struggle for me to figure out something exciting to make.

Yesterday we were told by my mother in law that Domain was having a sale and that they have slow cookers (Australian for crock pot) on sale for 28 dollars. I have wanted a crock pot for the longest time. Especially after finding this blog This woman who loves her crock pot decided to make a new years resolution to use her crock pot every day in the year 2008. How inspiring! She has posted several recipes that just look so exciting and easy.

Of course Nathan and I bought one.

So I have decided I need to stop being lazy and actually try some of these recipes. I need to make my husband less picky. I need to expand his taste bud pallet.

Tonight (Or should I say today since I used the crock pot) I made a beef stew. I didn't follow any recipe I just threw a lot of stuff into the pot and added water.. How wonderful.

It tasted beautiful. I added beef, potatoes, carrots, onion, garlic, chilli flakes, beef stock, and chives

Gosh that was nice! Nathan on the other hand didn't care for it too much.. He doesn't like stews or soups very much.

7 <3 me:

Anonymous said...

Melyssa bought us one, it's wonderful! We're just not very good at using it yet. :)

floridagirlinsydney said...

I love seeing what other people's "regular" staple meals are... see I never make fajitas or tacos and my whole house would be freaking thrilled if I did. Since moving here Chicken Schnitzel is our easy meal-- we buy them pre-breaded from the butcher.

I also am insanely picky about the meat pies and sausage rolls-- I actually have not even tried a meat pie yet since we moved here-- and had 1 sausage roll (actually 1 bite of a sausage roll), it grossed me out.
Can't wait to meet you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

hey mindy I have a crock pot cook book from 1970 something...if you want it :) I have an original crock pot here-need a new slow cooker, glad yours is great. Bloody fussy brother-harrison inherited his genes. Love the blog by the way- good on you:)
Jowen xx

SuperMindy said...

Emily- I'm not very good at using mine yet either.. hopefully I'll get better

Laura- Fajitas and tacos are SOOOOOO easy to make and taste soo wonderful especially being so far from wonderful Mexican restaurants

I've tried meat pies and I find them horrible disgusting and sausages.. blah I would rather shove a spoon down my throat.

Jowen- If you're willing to part with the cook book that would be great i would love to find some more wonderful things to make with it. I do believe Harrison probably took after Nathan and your dad a bit with the picky eating.

Anonymous said...

If you want easy mexican to make, we just buy the El Paso kits. The fajitas and enchiladas are actually REALLY good, we haven't tried the others yet.

Our staple meals are:
-El Paso Kits
-Mayo Clinic Recipes
-Chicken and Rice with bottled Indian Sauce Stuff
-Taco Salad (Mince with taco seasoning, on top of lettuce, crumbed doritos, veggies of choice, and Italian dressing)
-and my favorite: The Mother-In-Law's House. :)

floridagirlinsydney said...

Mindy- I know that we talked about how the sausage here is "different" and not in a good way--- but I really think I should try making the sausage rolls but cooking the sausage first so it is more of a crumbly texture than mushy yuck. Ok, getting grossed out just thinking about it.

Emily-- isn't Oporto da bomb?

SuperMindy said...

Emily- we too love the El Paso kits Just tonight I made fajitas however I tried it in the crock pot and the meat was sooooo nice. We don't eat out a lot because it's just not something we can afford so we buy budget meat and I cook every night.

Laura- If you do make them that way and they come out edible let me know and I would be willing to give it a go.

Oh and I have some good news but I'll email you