Friday, June 20, 2008

when the hell did you become a ATHEIST?

"I have just one question I love you but when the hell did you become a ATHEIST?"

That was an email I received from my very religious church going aunt whom I love to pieces and will be here in Australia in 8 days.

8 days before she arrives and she has to now find out. I've been an atheist for a little over 5 years now. I thought I was doing a damn good job at hiding it from her. Until she found facebook.
I knew this day would come eventually. Since I was the one who helped her get started using the computer and going online. I just hope that she respects me and my views and I will always respect her beliefs even though they are not my own.

I am no longer hiding my weight online so why should I hide my religious views from the people I love and care about. She was the only person I was hiding from. So now that she knows. I have nothing to hide any more.

I am an Atheist,

Here is a list of a few things that I do not believe in.
-Higher powers
-Everything happens for a reason
-Everything comes in 3's

I believe that when you die you do not go to a heaven where you see all your family and friends who have died before you. I believe that once you die that's it there is nothing else.

I believe in science. When science proves without a shadow of doubt that there is a god and he created the earth in 7 days, that's when I will believe in god. Until then I believe in nothing.

9 <3 me:

James Q. said...

Well of course things don't happen in 3's! They happen in 20's! Well, to me at least...

Yay, a fellow Sims 2 lover!

See my blog soon please,

Natasha said...

Hi Mindy- Just wanted to say I LOVE your blog! I discovered it a few days ago and it's great! You're an excellent writer.

Yea, facebook (and the likes of it) certainly make it difficult anything from the fam! I fear the day my mother creates a fb profile. Good luck with the aunt!

Natasha said...

Whoops, I wish I could edit my comment- that's meant to say "to hide anything from the fam". Sorry, I'm sick and my brain isn't working correctly!

Tors said...

Oh I've been there too... one of the biggest reasons why I created the TBM Lounge on YDU was because one of my family members discovered a post I'd made about him and proceeded to post a VERY scathing reply! For everyone to see! I could've died.

So did you respond to her email?

melyssa. said...

I'm behind you a hundred percent.

Except, sometimes I like to THINK I believe in karma as it's a way for me to keep myself being not so much of a complete arsehole when I should be being nice.

I don't know. A little white lie to keep muself in check.

Kinda like Santa for children.


Well posted though.

SuperMindy said...

James- I checked out your blog.. Looks good, I'll keep checking in on you when you get more content.

Natasha- Thanks very much, I love compliments even though i don't always know how to accept them. Facebook is a crazy website that everyone and their gods are on it. I can't believe how popular it has become

Tors-I love your TBM lounge the things I can't say on my blog and don't feel comfortable saying so the entire world will know I write there. Thank you for that

Oh and yes i did reply to her email. I said this "You know Miggy no matter what I love and respect you.
I respect who you are and your beliefs.

I have however been an atheist for a little over 5 years now.

I hope that you don't think any less of me and I really hope that this wouldn't change our relationship at all. It's just who I am.

I love you

Melyssa- I still like to believe in Santa so that if I'm good all year long I'll get great gifts for Christmas. I just sometimes never want to grow up.

floridagirlinsydney said...

Hi Mindy-

Remind me not to invite you over for Easter dinner-- ha,ha. Did I mention we're non-practicing Jews?
We're pretty in a similar mindset, specifically regarding organized religion.

Omigod can someone shut these bats up outside my window-- they're psycho.

But I'm all about Karma.

See you Wednesday!
By the way- what is the TBM lounge?

SuperMindy said...

Laura- I celebrate the holidays like Easter and Christmas just because I like to believe in Santa and the Easter bunny though.

floridagirlinsydney said...

Good thinking- why miss out on all the fun Jesus stuff--
was that offensive to Christians?
sorry bout that. :)