Tuesday, July 08, 2008


First I would like to apologise for not updating for the last week or so. It's just with my Aunt here I have been very busy but I do have a lot to blog about and I will when she leaves in a couple of days.

Size 22 is my new pant size. I have lost 5 pant sizes in the last 11 months



I am just so proud of myself for losing so much weight. When I look in the mirror I don't notice a difference it's when I try on something that I use to wear and it falls off of me that I notice how far I have come.

Thank you weight watchers for saving my life. If it wasn't for the wonderful support and the wonderful ladies at weight watchers I would have given up by now. However they really have taught me a lot and I love and appreciate them all so much for helping me lose weight.

I have never felt so motivated in my life. I really know now that I can do this.

6 <3 me:

Dina said...


Tegan said...

it's my first time popping into your blog, and WOW!! congratulations on losing so much weight-5 sizes!!-that is astronomical!!!!

Tors said...

Goodonya Mindy! I'm so glad WW has worked out for you. Five pants sizes is nothing to sneeze at! Congrats.

(now I just need to get my own butt in gear...LOL)

Ty Gunner said...

Way cool to hear of your loss (now that does sound a bit strange).

Have you experience the WW Chocolate Black Bean brownies? In case you have not heard, just replace the eggs and oil with 1 can pureed black beans to a box of brownie mix, this also calls for 1/2 C. water. I am a particular fan of the Ghirardelli Chocolate variety. Each brownie is only 2pts. and avoids the oils and eggs. The recipe has impressed everyone that tried and has fooled my nephews intro eating fiber and protein.

SuperMindy said...

Thank you everyone I am very very happy

Michael said...

Way to go Mindy!
That's excellent.