Friday, July 25, 2008


I was browsing the American Expat forum (YDU) I visit on a regular basis and came across a thread about losing your American accents. Which made me think, I have noticed that while talking on the phone with friends and family back in the states I have been having to be explaining myself more and more. Like when I say aluminium instead of aluminum I generally get the "what are you talking about silence" Or when having to explain why I needed a rubber (Australian for eraser - American for condom) during class.

My accent is changing, I constantly find myself saying "no worries" and dragging out No to "Nooooawowowowooo" (Or however long the Australian accent makes it sound).

Spelling things also, I have the Australian English dictionary set as my spell checker and I have noticed that I am not using it as often anymore. I have been spelling colour with the u and I do spell surprise with the s instead of the z (zed).

To Australians I will always sound American and to Americans I will sound Australian. I guess I'll always be different now

3 <3 me:

Tors said...

Yeah, that happens to a lot of long-term expats... feeling like you're caught between two cultures and not ever fully part of either one.

I admit that I consciously use American terms when talking to my parents or other family members. However, I'm sure I'll never fool the natives, who STILL ask me how long I'm staying! hehehe

Kay said...

Welcome to Her Blog Directory Mindy and being different is the way to go ! Who wants to be the same as everyone else :)

floridagirlinsydney said...

I love the way you wrote the Australian pronounciation of "no"-- you were so right on.