Thursday, July 10, 2008

Apple Store

I am posting this message from the apple store in Sydney!!

We just left the airport, we dropped my aunt off and she is now on her way back to the states.

Alright were on our way home now.. had lots of fun here at the apple store

Edit: I'm home now

Check out this size of this monitor 30 inches oh my goodness

4 <3 me:

floridagirlinsydney said...

Sorry your Aunt is gone--
happy you had fun at the apple store!!
Guess what, I'm getting a haircut for the 2nd time in a year tomorrow morning.
When are we getting together?
I'm feeling much, much better!

Ty Gunner said...

I was hoping your Apple store was a local fruit market. Guess not. Back in the states, peaches are in season, mmmmmmmmm.

Tors said...

My husband's got one of those babies on his PC... oh wait, it's *only* 26 inches. hahahaha. ;)

SuperMindy said...

I want one of those monitors, How much nicer would it be watching all my downloaded tv shows on that instead of this small computer screen