Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby time!!

This weekend Nathan and I got to see Emily and Melyssa, some of our wonderful friends here in Aussie land. Well they just recently had a baby. Kylan is nearly 4 weeks now and such a sweet little bundle of joy, with a full head of soft hair.

I didn't want to give him back.

Today I went to the city to meet up with another great friend Laura who has 2 sweet little boys (3 and 4 year olds) who didn't want to go to preschool today until they got to come and say hi to me at the cafe where I was waiting.

Later on in the afternoon Laura and I went to this toy store looking for presents for her little boys, I couldn't help myself but walk around this toy shop in aww It was fantastic they had these beautiful little doll houses and I stood there in the doll house section just admiring them and day dreaming of being able to one day buy my daughter a pretty little doll house and i'll be able to help her decorate and play with it.

All these wonderful precious kids around me is starting to make me feel a bit "clucky" I guess you would say. I really do want to have kids some day.. Maybe even soon. However am I wanting kids for the right reasons, Or am I just wanting a baby for sake of having a baby to play with, dress up, and take pictures of.

Who knows...

3 <3 me:

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with wanting a kid to dress up and play with! That's my favorite part about having Kylan, dressing him up! (Btw, Best and Less is the best place for that, cheap adorable fun stuff.)

floridagirlinsydney said...

Look at that adorable baby! Congrats to Emily & Melyssa.

Um, here's the thing Minders-- you might not have a girl. Ok, sorry- I didn't want to be the one to tell you. But I was sure both times that I was having girls--- and I was in pure shock and disbelief to find out they were boys.

I really want the girl, and the dollouse to go with her. Dare we give it another go and see what happens?

Tors said...

I love kids. I would have more if a) we could afford it, and b) pregnancy/birth wasn't such an ordeal for me. *sigh* :(

Anyway, here's a simple way to find out if you want kids for the right reasons: do some babysitting. ;)