Sunday, July 13, 2008

Inside the Eeepc

As you all may remember from this post Nathan bought himself an Eeepc.


Well today he decided to take it apart, why you may be asking yourself this.. Well the answer is because he is Nathan, He likes to take everything apart. Actually he is taking it apart today to install some thumb drives to give himself more hard drive space. As you may know the Eeepc only has 4 gb of hard drive space.


I have to admit I find him extremely attractive when he does these things. It shows off his geekyness and I have a soft spot in my heart for geeks.

5 <3 me:

Caboose said...

Typical Nathan :p
Cool though that he can do that [/jealous]
And what a great pic of him! Looking good mate!

floridagirlinsydney said...

I like geeks too... and I like that your geek has a geeky mathy shirt on.. how appropriate. Omigod, I hope he knows how to put that shit back together!

My husband bought me an Apple shuffle yesterday and I don't know wtf to do with it!

Tors said...

Hey, I've got one of those at home too! A geek, that is. ;)

Do your closets overflow with a million computer parts, accessories, some working, some not? Do you have more canned air than canned deodoriser? Or, does he haul in an air compressor when he wants to clean his 'boxen'?

I love 'em too... but dammit, if it ain't broke don't fix it! hahahaha

Nathan said...

If it ain't broke, your not trying hard enough ;)

(And yes, I got it back together, and one of the thumb drives working, so I'll be opening it back up tonight to fix the 2nd one!)

SuperMindy said...

Caboose- I agree it's a great picture of him

Laura- I <3 my geek,

Tors- Actually yes he has a closet full of stuff like that back at his mums.. We just haven't packed it all up yet and moved it here.. probably because we don't have enough room for it all.