Thursday, July 31, 2008

New look

First off today was weight watchers, Blah I ended up gaining .6 again. It's extremely frustrating trying to lose this weight. I didn't do anything I should not have done this week. I didn't eat chocolate I didn't eat chips or fatty foods or go overboard on snacking. I didn't have any binge moments or anything. I stayed on track the whole week. However I still gained weight.

I somehow now need to pick myself up out of this rocky slump that I am in at the moment and drag myself out for a walk or 2. I need to increase my exercise.

However I am just feeling very blah and unhappy at the moment. I really thought I would have a loss this week, I really thought it would be a big loss too.

Second I changed the look of my blog again, I was really unhappy with the way it looked before it was too dark and didn't fit my personality at all. So I hope everyone likes this one. Please let me know what you think, otherwise I'll probably change it again.

and last but not least, Nathan and I made home-made pizzas the other night (Before anyone asks yes I can eat pizza on weight watchers)

Well the pizza unintentionally came out looking like Australia, So Nathan insisted I take a picture of it and then we cut it into the states.

2 <3 me:

Dina said...

I like your Australia pizza--although I think it's very rude that you left out Tasmania.

I like your new blog. I didn't think anything bad about your old one. But now that I see the new one, it makes me think. "I DO like this one better. And maybe yeah...the old one was kind of dark."

Sorry about the weight thing. It can be disappointing--especially when you had hopes for good results.

Maybe the universe will make it up to you.

Maybe one week you'll totally pig out, expect to gain tons of weight, and you'll have lost weight.

floridagirlinsydney said...

I like the new look-- and I love that pizza-- that's hilarious!