Monday, July 21, 2008

A new me

Today was my first day of school. This morning was a struggle to get out of bed. I wanted so badly to roll over and go back to sleep. 6am always seems to come too early. As soon as I opened my eyes I realised holy shit I start school today. Immediately the nerves hit me and I was scared.

The whole morning after dropping Nathan off at the station,was rushing around in fear, Do I have this? what am I missing? Why won't the dryer dry my clothes? (Literally the washer/dryer decided today that it was not going to dry my clothes fully and I had to hang my jeans and shirt over the heater to dry.)
Then came the debate in my head about what time I should leave the house to make sure I get to the campus in time and find my class. I know that it's only a 5 minute drive from my house to the TAFE however I still left 45 minutes early for class. Who knows what could happen on the way to the school. There could have been a major accident, or I could have made a wrong turn and gotten lost. You just never know!

So I find the school and the building just fine. Spot my classroom and as right now I have 15 minutes until class should start (I had sat in the car for about 20 minutes because I knew I was extremely early and of course I don't want to be the first person in the class room)

Well I walked in and the room was filled with people, the teacher was talking and my heart just sank I was freaking out could I be late?? She tells me to take a seat so I sneak in and head for the nearest empty seat. I'm starting to panic a little as I walk to my seat (how stupid of me how could I be late what and idiot I am all these thoughts running through my mind) Then another person shows up late for the class. The teacher than says in confusion "which class are you hear for" then girl replies with hesitance "digital media?" The teacher replies with relief that this is the Graphic Design course and the Digital media course has been changed to 12. The teacher then asks who else in the class is supposed to be in digital media and a few of us in the back raise our hands..

So not only was I 30 minutes early for class but I was an hour and 30 minutes early. Apparently our teacher had emailed or mailed everyone the new time table and also the order form for the kit with our supplies that we need to purchase. Which I had not recieved.

Oh did I mention the kit with our supplies that we need to purchase. Ah yes of course. I found out today (because apparently it had been mailed or emailed to me) That we need to purchase this kit that cost 376 dollars. The man who is taking payment is only in today so if we don't purchase it today than we will have to order it and wait for it to come in or we have to go out and buy the items ourselves. Well I don't have 376 dollars just hanging around in my account. We have an ING savings account that we put all of our money into. So to get money out of the ING we can't just transfer it and expect it to be instant. We have to wait a whole day for the transfer to go through. (I might have sounded just slightly annoyed just then)

So yes of course, Not only did I show up for the wrong class but I don't have the money to buy this kit. So I stepped outside in this little court yard thing to call Nathan at work asking for him to check my email to see if I had received something from TAFE (it just might have gone to my spam box). It did it was in my spam box. The email detailing the time to show up for the class, where to go and the class schedule also with an attachment explaining the supplies kit, how much, when to order, how to get etc.. Great! So now i feel like an even bigger dumbass. At least i'm on the phone with Nathan at this point, I don't mention how panicked i am starting to feel because i want to just deal with this on my own. Besides his voice just seems so relaxing to me it doesn't really matter what he was saying it was just nice to hear him on the phone at that moment. I calmed down enough to go back inside.

I get off the phone with Nathan and walk back over to the door that I just walked out of and the door handle is broke. I walk around the corner to this alley way hoping that there is a way out of this court yard because that door is not opening. I found a gate but it happens to be locked so I walk to the other side of the court yard down another little alley way to find another gate. however it too is lock.

So now I am stuck in the court yard and I'm trying my hardest not to panic. "It'll be okay I tell myself over and over again. I'll just walk over to the door and knock on it and hope that someone sees me." So now I'm knocking and knocking on this broken door hoping someone sees me when one of the teaches walk passed and spots me she opens the door and I proceed to tell her what happen.

At this point I am feeling like an idiot. I figure since there is now only 15 minutes until class should start I walked back to that class room (Which is now empty) and sit down. To be greeted by 2 other girls who had made the same mistake as I have. They had not received the email or letter and they showed up early, and they too didn't bring money for the kit. Ah what a relief I am not alone in this mess any more. Phew and I made some new friends just by making some silly mistakes.

Sitting there in the classroom next to these 2 girls who i just befriended I couldn't help but think to myself and mumble out loud "A new me" Seriously look at me now, I'm living in Australia, I'm married, I'm losing weight, and now I'm starting school. It's a brand new me!

Class finally began and the teachers introduced themselves and introduced the course told us what to expect and such and then after 30 minutes we were than set free. I went through all of that just for a 30 minute introduction to the course thing.

Anyways I am still looking forward to this course and eager to get started with class on Wednesday

Oh of course I want to let you know my schedule.
I will be in class
Monday from 8:30 till 11:30
Monday 12:00 till 5pm
Tuesday off
Wednesday 9 till 12
Wednesday 12 till 4pm
Thursday 1:30 till 3:30
Friday off

4 <3 me:

Dina said...


What a day!!

I think I might have started to cry at some point, but you seemed to have taken it maybe better than I would have.

You reminded me of me about getting there so early. I tend to leave super early to get places on time!

melyssa. said...

Well, if that were me I would have quit before I even got to befriend those girls.

seriously. I would have just thrown my hands up and went "Fuck it! It must be a sign!"

And taken the easy and less painful way out.

But that's me and I don't own any semblance of confidence.

So to me, you're a legend for hanging in there!

Good luck with it all!


SuperMindy said...

Dina- my Mom has drilled it in my head since I was a kid that it's better to be early than late.

I always get nervous or panic now if I'm going to be late to something.

Melyssa- The old me would have never even made it to the door to the classroom. So I truly believe that if I can go through all that on my first day and still stick through it than I really have changed

Anonymous said...

Mindy you are a trooper. I would have been sobbing with that broken handle I tell you! I never felt like I fitted in on the first day- always overdressed (with big hair as per 1990s requirements)with no fucking idea what a soy latte frappucino was (or whatever it was everyone else was drinking). They all lived in some rich neighbourhood and nearly vomited when i told them i went to PUBLIC SCHOOL and lived in campbelltown. Eventually I just did my own thing, made my own mistakes and triumphs and now I am teaching those same type of students who made things hard for me. You will be so successful and we are so proud of you darling-my God you are one brave and beautiful lady. If you need some money I will get it for you. Love your sister Jowenxx