Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weekly weigh in

I lost .6 kilos (1.3 pounds) this week!! YAY ME!!

So yesterday I had my first full day of classes and i think it was fantastic! The teacher told us to pick something that we had with us and draw whether it be keys, mobile (Australian for cell phone) or ipod whatever we had we needed to draw it. Well I decided to draw my hand bag. She however wouldn't give us or let us use a rubber (Australian for eraser). We had to draw and fix our own mistakes

Here is my hand bag

Now keep in mind before you go all judgemental on me I had not gotten a chance to complete it because we moved onto something else.

When I got home yesterday I had a letter on my door from the courier trying to deliver a package for me. So I called them back and had them deliver it this morning

It was my supplies kit for school. YAY!!

Here is all the wonderful things I will get to play with

Included is all sorts of paper, paints, markers, pens, ink, and other goodies

4 <3 me:

Dina said...

I wish I could draw that good.

Or is it "Well"

See, I can't even do grammar right!

floridagirlinsydney said...

That is an amazing drawing. wow.

Tors said...

You draw *way* better than I do, that's for sure! :)

Anonymous said...

can I buy that handbag...stop feeding the obsession mindy ;)
GREAT drawing