Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hip hip hooray

We went to a birthday party today for our niece who just turned 5. Nathan has 10 nieces and nephews so every weekend feels like another birthday party.

Today however the party was at the Yummy Cafe. They have playground sets and all sorts of things for kids to play and do. It's a cafe for kids basically. However I enjoyed myself immensely while the kids were all eating I enjoyed the playground equipment, climbing up and sliding down. Of course my butt was a bit too large to fit properly on the slide.

Being here in Australia for a year I have come to find Birthday party's to be a bizarre experience.

First of all when the cake comes out the kids all sing happy birthday but at the end of the birthday song everyone starts shouting "hip hip hooray hip hip hooray" Which I thought was odd but meh whatever I can deal with that. However the horrifying part comes after the singing.

Once the singing stops and everyone shouts then it's time to cut the cake. In my family it's always been the parent cuts the cake and the birthday girl or boy gets the first piece. Well here it's a bit different they put a big sharp knife in the hand of a child and have the child cut the first piece. Yes you heard me right a big sharp knife in the hands of a child. The first time I saw this happen was last year at this time when I nearly had a heart attack that no one was taking this knife out of this kids hand and everyone was just acting as if this was normal. I was panicking the whole time and thinking to myself how can anyone think this is a good idea.

While the child is cutting the cake if he or she hits the bottom of the cake then he or she has to kiss a person of the opposite sex that is closest to them at the table.

At the end of the birthday party the guest of honour hands out presents to his/her guest who attended.

I'm not sure if all of this is Australian traditions or just Nathan's family. However I just don't think I can put a big sharp knife in the hands of my little baby and have him or her cut into the cake. I just have a fear of that image in my head turning very badly

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Tors said...

I haven't been to too many kiddo birthday parties here, but I've never heard of the cake cutting thing - I don't blame you for freaking!

floridagirlinsydney said...

Yes, we have seen the hip, hip, hooray thing-- we've grown to like that part, I think we'll even do it when we move back to the U.S.

But I have not seen the cutting cake thing with a child holding a sharp knife-- that may very well be just a "family tradition" hahahaha.

But you didn't mention Fairy Bread, that's the best part!!! I posted a blog a long time ago (one of my 1st blog posts) about it-- with photos. It's my favorite Australian birthday tradition. You likey?

SuperMindy said...

Nathan and I have agreed to let our child cut the cake but with a butter knife instead of a huge sharp knife.

Laura- Of course I like fairy bread. They didn't have any fairy bread at this party I went too. It was at a cafe and you had to buy your own snacks and drinks.

Jhillyer said...

just had a laugh over this- had no idea the custom was so different! Don't worry we build them up to it by starting with plastic knife, then butter knife with parent helping guide the hand then by about 6/7 usually they have a serrated knife of some kind with you hovering over them. Like the french with giving kids watered wine to start with we build up the task :) Max on other hand may nebver get to hold a knife- he has trouble controlling his own teeth (little biter)