Thursday, August 28, 2008

I just can not think of a title for this entry

I stayed the same this week. However I am very content with that. Not because I pigged out and am just happy that I didn't gain but because I always gain weight this week.

Seriously if you look back in my weight watchers book you will see that every month at this time I gain weight. Gee wonder why that is? Well if you must know it's the week just after my period.

Actually I did very well this week. Nathan and I went for walks nearly every evening after dinner. I ate well i didn't binge or feel like i needed to eat everything in the kitchen.

I also made low fat blonde brownies this week for snacks. I would post the recipe if I actually thought they were any good to make again. But trust me no one is going to want to eat these things. Unless they are the only thing you have left to eat and you must have something.

Hmm Which may also lead me to why I didn't gain this week. Because we only had those brownies to snack on. Seriously our house is bare of food this week. I have had to be very creative when it comes to dinners and lunches. Lots of PB&J (That's peanut butter and jelly (jam) for you Aussies) sandwiches for Nathan and I.

Nathan gets paid monthly and we usually do a big grocery shop at the beginning of the month and then a smaller grocery shop in the middle of the month. It's just easier that way for us. anyways since it's the end of the month we are just a low on things.

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