Friday, August 29, 2008

open minded

I'm a pretty open minded person. I listen and try to understand why people believe and think the way they do. However I have my own opinions and I too try to share my views with other people. Not trying to convert them to my way of thinking but just as a way of sharing another point of view on a topic.

I really hate it when someone is so forceful with their opinions and views that they try to convert everyone around them to their way of thinking. Like bible thumpers who go door to door trying to convert people to their religion.

Recently I read something about a vegan who claimed anyone who ate meat on a regular basis was like a Nazi supporter. In terms of animal cruelty. I found this terribly insulting.

Humans are carnivores we eat meat. We as humans follow along in the natural food chain. Animals kill other animals for food, That's how they survive, Well we as humans do the same thing we kill other animals for food so that we can survive. Just because someone chooses not to eat meat or animal products does not mean that has to be the way the rest of the world lives. Just because I drive a car does not mean everyone has to drive a car.

Some might claim that killing animals for food is animal abuse, That's fine you can think that. I think getting your children baptised/christened forcing them to believe in such a mystical creator as god and home-schooling is abuse to your child. That's my opinion and some might find it insulting however that is how I feel.

My point being, I eat meat, but that doesn't make me inhumane or anything. I still care about animals and animals rights and such.

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Dina said...

I'm surprised that you referred to my post without including a link.

I'm not sure if this was to protect my privacy, or if you feel it's easier to protect your side of the story by hiding the other side.

Anyway, since you didn't provide a link. I will.

There now your readers can see for themselves what I wrote.

I suggest if you have time that perhaps you follow the link and read it again yourself--because I notice you've made some mistakes in your synopsis of it.

First of all, I am NOT a vegan.

Not that I have anything against vegans. In fact, even though they annoy me sometimes with their strong views, I admire them for going against the grain of society and standing up for what they believe in.

They remind me of Abolitionists in America during the Civil War, and women who fought for the right to vote. Oh and they also remind me of Athiests in America who fight to keep the ten commandments out of our schools.

Having a controversial viewpoint is not going to make you popular. But it IS what changes the world.

The other mistake you make in your synopsis is I did NOT compare people who eat meat to being Nazis.

I compared them to the Europeans who did nothing to stop the Nazis.

And I included myself in this mix as well.

I feel MOST of us are behaving wrongly towards animals--that definitely includes me.

I'm trying to make changes in my own consumer and dietary choices. And I hope others try to make choices too. I don't think we all need to be vegan, but I think it would be wise if we cut down on the amount of animal products we ate, and tried to buy from more humane sources.

No, humans are not carnivores. We are omnivores. This means we eat plants AND animals. Many people now eat only plants and they are thriving quite well. Therefore, meat is NOT a necessity. If it ever becomes a necessity--such as being stranded on an island with nothing else to eat, I strongly support chasing a wild pig and eating it.

As for homeschooling being child abuse. I'm sorry you feel that way. Although if your opinion is based on research and careful thinking, good on you. I respect that. I obviously don't agree with it, but we can't all think alike.

If your opinion was not thought out carefully, and was just a counter attack, than I'm not at all impressed.

I suggest you do some reading on homeschooling before you equate it to child abuse. There's a lot of great info on the web. Here's one website to get you started.

Dina said...

I want to add that I agree that it's not right to force religious beliefs on a child.

I'm not sure if I would call that abusive. That kind of dilutes the definition of child abuse.

Well, I guess it would depend on what you mean by "force". Some types of forcing might be abusive.

I am wondering if you plan to be open with your children about their beliefs? Will you push your Athiest views on them? What if they believe in God? Will you reject them or try to correct them?
Or will you accept that they have different views than you?

I personally share my views with my child, but I tell him about other beliefs and make sure he understands that he can believe whatever he wants to believe.

Oh! I see the link to my post didn't come out right.

I'll try to repost it.

SuperMindy said...

Dina- I didn't refer to your post for your privacy. I think you're a very nice girl and didn't want people to think of you any other way.

You're also right i did make some mistakes, you're a vegetarian not a vegan i'm sorry for making that mistake.

I think your link between the holocaust & meat eaters was a bit of a distasteful stretch.
On one hand you have people fearful of their own lives & their family, doing what they must to survive (no mater how distasteful it was to do such things, it is all to easy to live in the confort of today and judge).
On the other you have people who choose to eat animal products to get a full and complete diet without needing to measure and plan everything they eat, and then possibly still need supplements to be healthy.
It is not a lifestyle choice for everyone.

Just because someone enjoys eating meat, does not automatically make them supportive of torture (nor are they nessecartily ignorant either). In modern societies animals are killed in extremely painless ways.

As for going to the length of veganisim, that is getting a little too far for me.
I can understand someone wanting free range eggs over caged, that is a clear moral choice, I doubt free range chickens could be counted as "suffering" because we eat their eggs.
The same goes with milk. What exactly is "cruelty free" milk??

What a life to be a modern cow. Eat all day, and then stand on a conveyor belt while a little pump takes out some milk. About as painful as feeding their own young, but they have no natural preditors to stress about or worry how they are going to keep eating to live, they are safe & stress free.

If there was any cruelty there, the farmer would be done for cruelty! ("Cruelty Free milk" sounds more like a marketing point to me)

Now about the home-schooling, That's my personal opinion however I will explain later why i feel this way in another blog post later on.

As for what I will teach my children about religion, I will teach them about all of the popular ones and let them make their own decisions i will teach them logic and rationalisation. I will not disown my child for wanting to believe in a god just as I will not disown my child for wanting to play foot ball.