Thursday, August 21, 2008

Weight Watchers Weight Watchers

I am back on track ladies and gentleman. I went to weight watchers today and I lost 1 kilo (2.2 pounds). YAY me!!!

I had lost my motivation since my Aunt left. I don't really know what happen but I just kinda fell apart and stopped caring about weight loss. However my Mom just gave me a pretty good incentive to get back on track. If I lose 25 pounds by the time she gets here in December then she will buy me 100 dollars worth of new clothes. If I lose 35+ pounds then she will buy me 200 dollars worth of new clothes.

I just have to lose at least .65 kilos (1.45 pounds) a week. That doesn't sound that hard. errrr maybe :P

It's good to have that little bit of motivation. I have now started walking again and watching what I am eating.

One of the ladies in my weight watchers group just won the slimmer of the year award for NSW. That is an amazing award to receive. She has lost something like 40 kilos. She was in the local paper with her before and after pictures. I never saw her when she wasn't at her goal weight so looking at her before picture was like WOAH She really did lose a lot of weight.

I couldn't help but think as my weight watchers leader handed her the award that that could be me in another year or 2.

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Claire said...

Dear (Super)Mindy,

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floridagirlinsydney said...

You go girl.
I am unpacking the Mac in about 5 minutes!!!