Sunday, September 21, 2008

Things are looking up

The weather has been gorgeous this last week, Who wants to be inside blogging when they can be outside at the beach, or in the back yard setting up the pool and doing some gardening.

Last week I went to Bondi beach with Laura. It was my first trip to Bondi. As always Australia stuns me with it's beauty.

This weekend Nathan and I have been sooo productive getting shit crossed off our lists. Ahh how wonderful that feels to be getting stuff done. I planted some Tomatoes (Yes I now pronounce them (to mah toes) not (to mae toes) anymore), baby cos lettuce, and some chives.

We were also setting up our pool we bought ourselves back in August with our anniversary gift money we received from my wonderful mother.

However once we put the water in we realized it probably is not going to work out well in that spot. The ground is not very level but we thought as we were setting it up.. eh surely it's level enough.. well surely we were mistaken. We now have to take the water out and move the pool forward some more. Hopefully that will be more level.

There is something about this beautiful spring time air that just brightens my mood and makes me happy. It could also be that I have 1 more week of school until school holidays (Australian for school vacation).

Either way I am happy.

5 <3 me:

Anonymous said...

Is that the pool with the faux tiling inside? We just got one and set it up, we love it!

Ok, well we haven't actually used it yet because Ky screamed from the cold water, but I'm sure we will!

SuperMindy said...

yeah it is.. I can't wait to use it

Tors said...

Bondi is great! I'm surprised more people weren't there on such a beautiful day.

Love your pool, too. I'd so get one if I could fit it in the postage stamp courtyard! hehe

floridagirlinsydney said...

You are so right, this weather is so amazing. I love it!!!

That pool looks great, I'm gonna have to think about getting one! Hmmm, wonder if it would fit in what's left of our backyard???

You don't have to empty it right? Does it have a cover?

Anonymous said...

We bought the 10' one, it came with a cover and a filter pump! The only additional things we bought were chlorine and a tarp for the ground.

BTW, got ours at Toys R Us for $75, and saw the same ones at KMart and Big W for up to $300!