Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It feels good to vote

I had received my absentee ballot last week and spent this weekend researching all the Maine local stuff that was on the ballots that I was not familiar with.

Anyways I voted for whom I thought would be the best choice for president of The United States. If you know me or have read my blog at all then you already know who I voted for. It's no surprise there I'm a democrat. I voted for Barrack Obama.

I feel that he is the right candidate for the job. He will get us out of this worthless wasteful war, and do what he can to get us in the right direction towards a universal health care system.

If you haven't been keeping up with the election news, or you haven't been following the debates, and interviews you can find most of them at C-SPAN

I hope that everyone does get out there and vote. If you are voting for Obama or McCain it's very important to make your voice heard. So go vote.

Oh and if you haven't seen or heard of it yet. Micheal Moore has a new documentary called Slacker Uprising. You can watch it for free if you are in the United States Or if you're not in the United States (Like me) and you still want to watch it. Then you can watch it on Youtube.

It's really good it's about the Election with Bush and Kerry.

Now if you'll excuse me i'm going to kill this damn fly that has been buzzing around my head the whole time I've been trying to write this blog post.

5 <3 me:

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

I have a fucking fly in here too-- oh no, I think the summer invasion is starting.
Btw, guess where we need to go Friday-- Bunnings-- I hope we see my boyfriend there-- can you email me the pictures of him from that day??

Anonymous said...

I sucked it up and registered to vote yesterday. I wish you lived in California, at least I'd know that's one more vote for gay marriage. At least you're going for Obama. :)

SuperMindy said...

Emily- Yay good on you for registering :) It is a pretty big election and very important for California. I wish i could have voted for gay marriage also.

Anonymous said...

Thank god you live in Australia, you won't have to deal with the turmoil and economic disaster Obama will put us through. Thanks.

Nathan said...

Funny there Anonymous.

I like how you reinforce the stereo type others have of Americans.
You see a world wide economic crisis(caused by American "conservatives"), only see it affecting you (the arrogant American stereotype), and then see the opposition, as being the cause of a problem that completely stems from blind republican deregulation.

Are you really so blind to see how Bush was fundamental in this world wide collapse, and that McCain wouldn't be any different?

You know, the republicans have truly lost their way. I can respect someone that believes in fiscal conservatism, it is a respectable view for how government should be run, but they no longer stand for that.

The republicans, who claim to stand for smaller government, have gone, expanded your national debt to embarrassing levels, enlarged the size of government and pandered to the far right, instead of representing the middle-right.

I do hope that after a bit of an implosion in the republican party, that the middle right will take control again, and they will then really offer a reasonable opposition, and a respectable alternative to the American people.

After all, we need that for a true democracy.