Monday, October 27, 2008

The kill house

I'm having a Halloween party here in Australia for some of my friends from school. They have never experienced Halloween and keep asking me loads of questions related to the amount of candy you get when you dress up in a costume and go door to door.

They were shocked to here that my sister and I would dress up and carry our pillow cases out in the neighborhood and not come back until they were filled to the top with candy.

Last year I had a Halloween party for Nathan's nieces and nephews. They loved it! This year will just be an for the adults though.

I have a shed in the back yard that would work perfectly as a little haunted house. Nathan and I are obsessed with the tv show Dexter. So we decided to set up our haunted house like a Dexter kill room.

We lined the walls, and ceiling with plastic and used tools to splatter the blood on the walls. Looks AMAZING.

I'll give you a little glimpse into our Haunted house.

8 <3 me:

Erin said...

Great idea! Very creative. I always loved the haunted houses back in the states. I miss candy corn and carving pumpkins too. How good was it? :-)

SuperMindy said...

Erin- Setting up the haunted house was sooo much fun.. I've been planning this party for weeks now. My family sent me over decorations and candy for everyone.

I just wish i could find a proper orange pumpkin.. But a green one will have to do for now.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Omigod that is insane-- you are sick puppies. I love it.

SuperMindy said...

Laura- It looks amazing.. My friend Vinnie who helped with the blood splatter thinks we need more blood. So we're going to work on it some more.

Anonymous said...

That is the COOLEST idea I have ever heard. I fucking LOVE Dexter!

SuperMindy said...

Emily- did you and Melyssa want to come to the Halloween party?

Anonymous said...

I would fucking LOVE to! I LLLOOOVVVEEE Halloween!

But with the exchange rate so fucking shit I don't know if we can afford to. :( We're literally pinching every single penny.

Speaking of, did you think of anything you want from America? No matter how shit the exchange rate, at least food is still cheaper. :)

A Free Man said...

Your haunted house looks a lot like my shed. I mean with more slightly blood.