Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Late Entry

Late Entry #1 Back to school October 13

The School holidays are over and I had a great time. Nathan took the first week off with me and we got so much stuff done. The pool set up the yard all cleaned up and looking nice It felt as if summer had arrived.

Late Entry #2 Weight Watchers October 16

I gained .2 kilos (.4lbs) It really annoyed me because I had been working out at the gym and was really on track with my food intake. Must just be muscle I'm building up.

Late Entry #3 Gym

I have finally found good customer service in Australia. I know hard to believe but Australia has some pretty crappy customer service. Employees don't depend on tips, and department stores and such obviously don't care that their staff are always rude.
Well I have done it. I found a place that has some pretty fantastic customer service. Aqua fit Is a gym here in town.

Nathan and I joined the gym a couple of weeks ago and they did an assessment on both of us. Set us up with the machines, taught us how to use them, and what sorts of equipment we should use to achieve our goals. It was fantastic. I felt so comfortable with the lady who was doing my assessment. Her name is Steph and she deserves something special for being so nice and understanding with me.

Yesterday we did a boxing class. It was so much fun. I could not believe i could enjoy exercising so much. Seriously i think i have found my exercise calling. I can't wait to go back next week. Well hopefully we go back next week. Nathan unfortunately hated boxing.

It's something I would prefer to have a partner for also. otherwise i would just get partnered up with some stranger and i don't really want to work with someone I'm not comfortable with.

Weight watchers is tomorrow and I'm really hoping i have lost weight. Gosh I have worked so hard this week i can barely move all my muscles are in heaps (Australian for lots) of pain

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