Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2 more days until my Mom and Kyra arrive.

My Mom and my niece Kyra will be leaving in 10 hours to come and see me.

I am just beyond excited to see them. My niece is only 18 months old. The last time I saw her was at my going away party, she was a month old.

My sister and I aren't very close, we never have been. We always fought growing up over everything, never got along, and we're both complete opposites on just about everything.

Sometimes I wish that we would have that kind of relationship that I see with a lot of sisters. That one day we would get along, and be best friends and stuff. Go shopping together and be able to just call each other and talk for ages.

So this is pretty exciting that she would be willing to give up spending Christmas day with her first and only baby is just beyond nice. She won't even have her husband there for Christmas.
Her husband is in the Navy and is on the ship out in the middle of the ocean somewhere for 9 months.

So thank you Christina for letting me spend Christmas with her.

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Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Now I'm in the non-blogging mode-- glad to see you're back.

Merry Christmas! I hope you're having a great time with your mom and niece!!! Of course you are.

I'll be back 1/9-- we have to make a plan with your mom and all of us to do something before they leave!